'Bheith na fharriage na hEireann'

To be in Irish seas.

    'A Tangled Knotwork' is, I suppose, what you would call my debut trilogy. Whether it is speculative fiction, Celtic fantasy, Irish mythos revamped, a broad based allegory, or simply my attempt to understand everything within the microcosm of the Ulster cycle - I will have to leave up to you.
    I have never been very good with the whole aristotlean box theory thing anyway. I simply write what I love to write, in what I believe to be the most dynamic area of literature.

    Enough about the story!
    If you want to hear me rave on, and I will at great length, there will be smatterings of thought as I update pages with information.  I apologise that the whole informational section is not up all at once. Writing for the site, in between unloading boxes of books and organising my own well as writing the core stories is all part of being an independent.

    To the story!
    Oh wait, that's right I am not comfortable with tooting my own horn. Nor do I have a multitude of prefabricated quotes from other, more renowned authors, to entice you to read my stories.
    Hmm! I don't have critic responses either because for some bizarre reason I am supposed to send them a copy of the book so they can read it and comment on it, for free, whilst you have to pay for it - that doesn't seem right to me so I don't do that either.  I view them as readers, like yourselves, their opinion is no more or less valid than your own.
    Besides, if my 93 yr old grandmother can save up from her pension to pay me the courtesy of buying a novel, despite my objections, well...

    Call me non-media savvy, naive, or archaic if you like but I love the idea of responses from readers being genuine ones. Comments with no agenda, at no one's behest - bar the reader him or herself. Simple and exquisite at once. I am happy to talk to anyone or write pieces for newspapers etc, but only within the confines of what I believe to be my role as an author, not what a monopolising industry defines it as.
I digress! To the story!

    Inside the site you will find the appropriate sections for the trilogy. Flotsam, Placebo and Broken. As of yet, with the whole tooting of horn thing, the information is sparse and is essentially the text on the rear cover of both books. More will come as soon as I am able to sift through emails and comments from some of the nice folk who have responded to the story.

    Thank you and enjoy!